Wyoming Nurse Leadership Institute (WNLI)

WNLI is a popular statewide educational program that is designed to develop and enhance leadership skills in Wyoming Nurse Leaders and future nurse leaders. WNLI has graduated over 50 nurse leaders here in Wyoming.  WNLI topics include:

  • Identifying skills and competencies for Nurse Leaders
  • A mentoring program
  • Networking with Wyoming Nurse Leaders
  • Developing a personal leadership development program
  • A career development program

The target audience for WNLI is experienced Registered Nurses in Wyoming who have been identified by their employer (or peers, or themselves) as leaders within the profession. These nurses may or may not be currently working in management roles.  The learning needs of these nurse leaders have been identified by expert nurse leaders and educators in Wyoming and national studies on Nurse Leadership traits. Individual evaluation of strengths and weaknesses is done through a variety of personal assessment tools including the AONE Nurse Leadership Style tool and Meyers and Briggs.

WNLI involves active classroom learning with four face to face sessions (each is 3 days long) bringing in content experts and panels of nurse leaders. These are conducted in association with nursing events around the state. For example: when the participants are studying health care legislation and lobbying the session is held in conjunction with the Wyoming Nurses Association “Nurses Day at the State legislature”. When they are studying nursing initiatives in Wyoming that session is held in conjunction with the Wyoming Nursing Summit. Each participant also will create a presentation highlighting a change that they are involved in at their place of work. The networking and sharing of information has proven to be invaluable to new nurse leaders.

2016-2017 Institute Sessions

  • September 21-24, 2016, Casper, Where Are You as A Leader
    Participants will discuss AORN core competencies of Nurse Leaders and the Organization of Nurse Executives certification.  Nurses will analyze their personality styles and how it affects their response in the workplace; set goals for their own personal leadership growth; discuss the need for net-working and professional organizations; and plan a project to develop and initiate in their facility in relation to recruitment and retention of nursing staff.
  • November 15-17, 2016, Gillette. Leading in Your Organization
    Participants will deepen their understanding of leadership.  Identify practical skills and identify opportunities to develop those skills.  Participants learn how to delegate and communicate. Students participate in discussions and scenarios related to human resource management and transition from the role of staff nurse to leader/manager.
  • February 9-11, 2017, Cheyenne, Quality, Accreditation and Legislative Agendas
    Participants will participate in Quality Improvement root cause analysis and learn in-depth PDSA. Group will discuss application of evidence based practice to their work area. Identify various accreditation venues and share examples of policy development in healthcare facilities. Nurses will learn the legislative process and how it affects nursing.   Observe the legislature in action and discuss how laws affect healthcare delivery.
  • April 27-29, 2017, Casper, Regulatory, Educational Preparation, Legal Issues, Nursing Ethics and Nurse Practice Act
    Participate in a mock hearing of the WSBN.  Discuss how the nurse practice act and rules and regulations affect nursing and nursing position; verbalize understanding of regulatory process and how their positions are affected by laws; analyze the differences in nursing education, creative future endeavors, and educational needs in WY; Present projects that were selected in September; and evaluate through surveys and focus groups the effectiveness of the WNLI.

For more information, contact the WNA office at 307-462-2600 or by email to tobilyon@wyonurse.org