Affiliate Partners

Organizational Affiliate Memberships

The Wyoming Nurses Association offers other nursing organizations a voice and direct involvement in WNA.  This opportunity supports collaboration between WNA and other organizations.  We feel that working together on a unified front we can accomplish more to advance and promote the nursing profession.

Current WNA Organizational Partners:

What does an organizational affiliate membership mean?

Your organization can be part of an influential and effective statewide network of Wyoming registered nurses who support and promote the profession of nursing and advocate for a healthier Wyoming. Your organization will:

  • be able to participate in the WNA annual meeting with a vote and voice,
  • have a say in the WNA legislative agenda,
  • be able to review our communication,
  • have access to discounts for WNA events and meetings,
  • have the opportunity to offer information about your organization in WNA publications, and
  • a number of other services.


An Organizational Affiliate is an organization which shall:

  1. Have Articles of Incorporation that govern its members and regulate its affairs;
  2. Maintain a mission and purpose harmonious with the purposes and functions of the Wyoming Nurses Association;
  3. Have bylaws which do not conflict with WNA bylaws;(submit a copy)
  4. Submit an application which provides name and address of the Organizational Affiliate coordinator/president/chairman, etc.;
  5. Pay an annual organizational fee established by the WNA Board of Directors;
  6. Provide member fees for WNA members at organizational affiliate event; and
  7. Link to WNA’s website from the Organizational Affiliate’s website.

Fees and Voting

The basic Organizational Affiliate fee is $150 – $500 according to affiliate membership size as follows:

  • Level 1: Under 100 members, $150, 1 Vote
  • Level 2: 101 to 250 members, $250, 2 Votes
  • Level 3: 251 to 500 members, $350, 3 Votes
  • Level 4: Over 500 members, $500, 4 Votes


Each Organizational Affiliate shall be entitled to:

  1. Participate with in the WNA Annual Convention Meeting with number of votes outlined in the fee schedule by level.
  2. Participate in establishing the WNA Legislative Agenda with the number of votes outlined in the fee schedule by level.
  3. Make reports with recommendations to the WNA Board of Directors and/or Meeting of the Members.
  4. Receive information about nursing issues, state and national legislative issues, and WNA programs and activities in correspondence to the President of the Affiliate Organization.
  5. Member rates for WNA events, meetings, legislative days, and conventions for the Organizational Affiliate’s members.
  6. Link to Organizational Affiliate’s website on WNA’s website.
  7. Space in the quarterly Wyoming Nurse for articles from the Organizational affiliates. WNA retains editorial authority.
  8. Complimentary display booth at the WNA Convention during the vender fair.
  9. Access to all WNA publications and member only list serve information.

Organizational Affiliates may negotiate an agreement for additional paid services, for example:

  • Monitoring legislation and/or administrative rules on specified topics or issues of interest.
  • Lobbying directly on behalf on the Organizational Affiliate.
  • Various administrative services.

Affiliate Membership Application