WNA Legislative Agenda

WNA Legislative Agenda

The WNA Legislative Agenda is set by a membership ballot and updated every year.  The WNA Board of Directors and lobbyist use the agenda statements for reference when promoting the WNA position on legislative issues.


  • Improved access for early detection and prevention
  • Develop a health care system which includes patient accountability
  • Expansion, coordination and utilization of efficient care models
  • Health promotion coverage (physical and mental health, dental, vision, etc.) for healthy and chronically ill adults and children to improve quality of life and reduce high end treatment costs

Professional Practice

  • Advanced Practice Nurses should have ability to practice to the full extent of their preparation and training
  • Bachelor’s preparation within 10 years of graduation from AD program (current nurses “grandfathered”; any legislation would affect future nurses)
  • Financial assistance and reduced work time for practicing nurses pursuing bachelor’s degrees
  • The utilization of Advanced Practice Nurses as primary care providers for under served populations through public health nursing
  • Career tracks that keep experience and advanced degrees at the bedside


  • Coverage for those who fall between being able to afford private health insurance and qualify for Medicaid, Medicare – i.e. “gap insurance”
  • Expansion of wellness benefits from private insurance and work places
  • Healthcare billing transparency (hospitals, physicians, residential care etc.)