2016 WNA Nurse Award Recipients

Excellence in Advanced Practice Nursing

Robyn D. Curtis-Rice, APRN, FNP-C (Laramie) was the 2016 recipient for Excellence in Advanced Practice Nursing. This award has developed to recognize an APRN who has demonstrated an innovative and unique approach to the profession of nursing in their practice setting. All while providing a positive impact to patients or peers in the work setting, or for the provision of autonomous practices. This nurse will have served as a role model for other APRNs.

Curtis-Rice works for Ivinson Medical Group. Colleagues state that she is well respected by her patients – they often make comments about how caring and understanding she is and our patients appreciate the fact that she is easily approachable. She is always willing to step in and help where she is needed.  Her patient base continues to grow through patient referrals from satisfied patients’ word of mouth.  She is one of two providers in her office that are willing to provide home visits to patients who are homebound and our patients who receive this service are very grateful to her for her “hands on” care. She also volunteers to serve as a community provider at the Downtown Clinic in Laramie on a regular basis.

In addition, Curtis-Rice, provides clinical mentoring for students in the medical, pharmacy and nurse practitioner programs and to date she’s helped approximately 20 students meet their clinical requirements.  Receptive to mentoring nurse practitioner students has been a key factor for two new nurse practitioners who were working towards attaining their certifications – she is very interested in training the future Nurse Practitioners in the State of Wyoming. She’s also provided training on suturing for the past few years to students in the AHEC (Wyoming Area Health Education Center) program through the University of Wyoming. She never hesitates when asked to share her knowledge and experience!

Nightingale Award for Excellence

Faith Jones, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, (Powell) was named as the 2016 Nightingale Award for Excellence. This award is presented to a WNA member who, during their career, has provided support to the values of the Wyoming Nursing Association and the profession of nursing in the state of Wyoming.

Jones is well known locally, statewide, and nationally. Colleagues commented that Jones is one of the most positive role models and an inspiring representative on nursing and healthcare they have met.  Her devotion to represent nurses’ achievements within the nursing communities no matter where that takes her is evident.  Everywhere she works people say, “She is the most knowledgeable and skillful leader I have ever known”, “She will pick you up and motivate you over and over again”.

Through Jones’ visionary and collaborative leadership in obtaining engagement of others she could increase WNA membership and financial security to levels that have never been met and raised the bar during her presidency.

In 2012 she was elected to ANA board of directors and reelected in 2016 and has held a variety of leadership positions at ANA which include:

  • ANA Board of Directors since 2012 and re-elected to Member-a-Large 2016
  • Current-Co-chair of ANA-PAC Leadership Society
  • Chair of the ANA-PAC Board of Trustees

Jones is the current Director of Care Coordination and Lean Consulting with HealthTech Management Services.

New Nurses for the Future

WNA recognized five (5) New Nurses for the Future who have become known since graduation for innovative practice, service in the community, or a specific program that will serve the public in the area where they practice. The New Nurse for the Future Award aims to recognize significant or unique contributions to leadership in community affairs, nursing professional organizations, and growth and development of others in these areas while positivity promoting and advancing the nursing profession in the community.

  • Sara Johnson, MSN, RN (Casper) works for Natrona County School District, was named as the 2016 Central Region New Nurse for the Future.
  • Gretta MacDonald, RN (Gillette) works for Campbell County Health, was named as the 2016 Northeast Region New Nurse for the Future.
  • Samantha Maraviov, RN (Powell) works for Powell Valley Healthcare, was named as the 2016 Northwest Region New Nurse for the Future.
  • Chelsea Raymer, DNP, FNP-BC (Laramie) works for Ivinson Memorial Hospital Primary Care Group, was named as the 2016 Southeast Region New Nurse for the Future.
  • Makayla Wisenbaker, RN, (Evanston) works for Rocky Mountain Care, was named as the 2016 Southwest Region New Nurse for the Future.

President’s Award

The 2016 President’s Award was presented by outgoing President Anne Raga to the Wyoming Center for Nursing and Healthcare Partnerships, in recognition of the Revolutionizing Nursing Education in Wyoming (ReNEW) project.  The mission of ReNEW is to enhance the quality of nursing and health care in Wyoming by revolutionizing nursing education, while honoring nursing education at both the AD and BSN level.  The ReNEW project has created shared, competency-based statewide curriculum where students can earn an associate degree or continue seamlessly to the BSN degree (or higher) starting at any of the community colleges or UW.  The ReNEW Project, led by Mary Burman, has consisted of 5 committees over the years with over 100 volunteers.  Many people have also stepped forward over the years to chair these different committees.  Some of the committee chairs were Kathy Luzmoor, Karen Bowen, Kristy Nielson, Tracy Suhr, Kathy Wells, Marcy Holford, Judy Hay, Louise Posten, Jean Zlomke, Jenny Hargett, Deb Dawson, Vicki Rosenberg, and others have stepped up to help with ReNEW.  It has taken many different people working on ReNEW over the 7 years to make it become a reality starting in fall 2016.

2017 Award Nominations will open in May and the deadline for submission is August 1, 2017.